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At Foreign Nurses, we bring your dreams to reality. We think together, and work day and night to ensure you achieve your dreams. For foreign nurses looking to work as a registered nurse in the United States of America, we’re here for you.


We will take you through the whole process, help you get the required practicing licenses and eventually your nursing license. Distance is not a problem for us, we have online classes and consultation services. Just talk to us and we will make it happen.

Please note that only the board of Nursing has the authority to determine a candidate's eligibility for an exam licensure.


We understand the anxiety and pressure that comes with exam day, and we are here to provide the guidance and support you need to stay calm, confident, and focused.


Take the first step towards NCLEX success by exploring our website, accessing our resources, and connecting with our team. We are here to support you every step of the way, from initial registration to celebrating your well-deserved success. Let us help you pass the NCLEX exam and embark on a fulfilling and rewarding nursing journey!

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This must be the question running through your mind right now. Foreign nurses has served thousands of NCLEX-RN® applicants and we have never failed. Every applicant that has processed using our services has been able to take NCLEX® and has enjoyed headache-free, stress-free application processing and has eliminated financial losses. 


Please note that only the board of Nursing has the authority to determine a candidate's eligibility for an exam licensure.

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Four (4) Days CRASH COURSE starting on September 04, 2023

 Four (4) Days CRASH COURSE starting on September 04, 2023


Feel free to contact us by email, live chat or phone You can also send us a message using the contact form below.

Thanks for submitting!

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Mirlande Geffrard, RN


If you're a Foreign Nurse(Haitian Nurse) and need to continue your career as a nurse in USA, I highly recommend you to contact Bernide Larose she's amazing she's great, with all her knowledge, she will assist you like she did it for me.


CHRISTEL Bernard Louis, RN

Hi guys ,
Years ago I was trying to find someone to help me transfer my nursing degree from Haiti to USA I was so desperate and was about to go back to school, until i met Bernide on Facebook talking about the process, I was so exited contacting her and she was more than happy at this time to help me. Now I can say by the grace of God and my beautiful helper Bernide Larose, I’m now an USA BSN ,RN without going back to school in here. Guys if you want to transfer your nursing degree from overseas through here you can contact her you won’t regret because she’s the best, go future USA nurses and good luck with everything!


TARAH Cameau Martelly, RN

I reached out to Bernide after a friend shared one of her post here on Facebook. Since she’s been a teacher, a counselor, a mentor and so much more. I highly recommend her service if you want to transfer your transcript from Haiti to the US by someone who has the experience you won’t lose time in the process.

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